Near Infrared Imaging, Inc., was formed in 2009 and is presently on the cusp of causing a paradigm shift in medical imaging. NII’s patented vein illumination technology can also be used for non-contact vein recognition biometrics and for nerve stimulation. The unique chipset allows for deeper and more visible imaging of the veins in all patients.

We also have a patented technology, developed in conjunction with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, that will someday image bleeding in the brain and traumatic brain injury at the scene of the injury. This technology, Optical Ultrasound Technology ™, will be in a handheld device and able to send images to a waiting neurosurgeon or Emergency Room. In addition, this technology, when fully implemented in an actual device, will image macroscopic brain diseases, in real-time, that will result in additional R&D and new treatments.

Near Infrared Imaging, Inc., is located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and is owned in part by the City University of New York, (, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (, and the Dept. of Energy (

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